It is an ancient Mongolian belief that the dust which gets whirled up high into the sky during the Mongolian traditional horse races turns into shimmering gold on its way back down to earth. Getting in touch with it will bring you fortune, success and strengthen your spirit.

The lucky sweater from THOS is a limited edition of 20 sweaters which are worn by the jockeys during the horse races collecting some of this precious dust to give its wearer the spiritual vigor for years to come.

„The universe consists of innumerous different elements of dust. It is in constant interaction with the appearance and disappearance of dusts from our planet earth. There are all kinds of different dust in forms of spiritual dust, physical dust and emotional dust…

…It is the dust of the horses, supernatural in power at their peak age, that reaches into the universe the fastest; returning back to earth as shimmering gold.

Great luck and a blessed spirit will be brought to those, who wear this dust.“

Lama Ish Dovdon

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